2013 February
Saber eUpdate February 2013
2012 June
Saber eUpdate June 2012
Saber eUpdate October 2011
This full issue covers the SaberRD Student/Demo Edition one year after its introduction and features an article from Professor Peter Wilson of the University of Southampton about SaberRD in his curriculum. The many new features and capabilities of the 2011.09 release are highlighted, including a 4x performance increase in SaberRD. Event proceedings from the Power Systems Simulation Seminar in France and SNUG events in Germany and Japan provide a range of user-generated content on the use of Saber. A user tip on Spice model translation and an introduction to the Saber Open User Forum inform users on ways to boost productivity and gain access to additional support resources.
Saber eUpdate March 2011
The Saber 2011.03 release is now available for download from SolvNet. This full feature release of the Saber, SaberRD, and Saber Harness products includes several usability enhancements, new analysis support, new models and examples, updates to 3rd party interfaces, improved user documentation, quality improvements, and more.
Saber eUpdate October 2010
SaberRD demo, 2010.09 Release, Saber user tip
Saber eUpdate June 2010
SaberRD, 2010.03-1 Release, Modeling tip
Saber eUpdate January 2010
2009.12 Release, New WCA tool, FlexRay article, Saber user tips
Jan 2008Saber® Accelerates Robust Design
Saber release A-2007.12 is now available for immediate download from SolvNet ( This release provides significant improvements to our support for the VHDL-AMS modeling language including new analyses, model encryption, and updates to existing capabilities.
June 2007The Cutting Edge Volume 5
The most recent release of Saber (version 2007.03) is available for download and installation via Solvnet. In it you will find a more enhanced simulator and wire harness design toolset to help you apply Robust Design techniques to your system design projects.
Oct 2006The Cutting Edge Volume 4
Companies must meet the challenge of giving design teams more analysis power while simultaneously making that power easier to use.
April 2006The Cutting Edge Volume 2
Hybrid Vehicles in general are very complex systems requiring unprecedented integration between control and the electrical, mechanical, and hydraullic systems.
Sept 2005The Cutting Edge Volume 3
Welcome to the re-launch of the Cutting Edge newsletter. This issue is devoted to describing the many new features available in the September 2005 Saber release.

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