Success Stories 

Synopsys and Kyushu Institute of Technology (Kyutech)
Our research group required a prototyping platform to confirm signal processing algorithms of a new Wireless LAN design. Synopsys HAPS allowed our team to successfully conduct hardware/software co-verification to confirm feasibility and demonstrate operation of new WLAN system circuit designs.
Dr. Hiroshi Ochi, Professor, Computer Science and Engineering, Kyushu Institute of Technology (Kyutech)

Peraso Success with DesignWare USB 3.0 IP and HAPS FPGA-Based Prototyping Solution in a Wireless SoC Design
At the Intel Development Forum 2013, Brad Lynch, Peraso, and Eric Huang, Synopsys, discussed Peraso’s use of DesignWare USB 3.0 IP and the HAPS FPGA-Based Prototyping Solution for their product development.
Brad Lynch , CTO & VP Product Development, Peraso

Synopsys and Allwinner Technology
"Synopsys’ reputation as an established provider of FPGA-based prototyping solutions was a key factor in our decision to use HAPS for our A80 Octa SoC.”
Ding Ran, CTO, Allwinner Technology

Synopsys and Fudan Microelectronics
"Synopsys' reputation as an established provider of FPGA-based prototyping solutions was a key factor in our decision to use HAPS for our high-end smart card integrated chip design. The flexibility of Synopsys' HAPS system enabled reuse for several projects, ultimately reducing our development costs."
Wang Jiaqian, Engineering Manager, Shanghai Fudan Microelectronics Group

Friedrich-Alexander-Universität (FAU) Applies Synopsys FPGA-Based Prototypes to Prove High-Performance Video Processor Tile Design
The Synopsys FPGA-Based Prototyping Solution provides our research staff high performance with design visibility and system control. These attributes allow us to rapidly bring up design variations and operate them at multimegahertz speeds.
Dr. Ing. Frank Hannig, Architecture and Compiler Design group leader at Department of Computer Science, Friedrich-Alexander-Universität (FAU)

Peking University - NELVT Utilizes Complete Hardware + Software HAPS FPGA-Based Prototyping Solution for HDTV 1080P Encoder Design
We trust the HAPS system to provide reliably high performance. Because Synopsys' solution includes an integrated hardware plus software flow and great technical support, we save time and money
Dr. Huizhu Jia, SoC team leader of the National Engineering Laboratory for Video Technology (NELVT) , Peking University

Skyviia - HAPS FPGA-Based Prototyping Systems Allow Skyviia to Focus on Developing Core Design
With Synopsys' HAPS system we had a comprehensive prototyping solution, complete with pre-tested IP, from a single vendor. This allowed us to focus on developing our core design, saving us three months of schedule and helping us achieve high-quality results.
Yiyung Jeng, Senior Director of R&D, Skyviia

Cray Inc. - FPGA-Based Prototyping System Enables Robust Testing and Early Software Development for Network Interface ASIC Design
Synopsys' automated FPGA-based prototyping system helped us start OS development 6 months earlier, avoid respins, and speed time-to-market.
Thomas F. Rossman, Sr. Manager, Engineering, Cray Inc.

Teradici – ASIC Prototyping Made Fast and Efficient with Synplify Premier
Other tools can't handle the complex constructs of the ASICs we're working on. Only Synplify Premier gives us the ability to synthesize native ASIC code untouched for our FPGA prototype.
David Garau , Engineering Manager, Silicon Validation Group, Teradici

Phonak - Synopsys Professional Services Helps Phonak Establish Rapid Prototyping Flow for Ultra Low Power Designs
"The cooperation with Synopsys Professional Services helped us to successfully complete our FPGA emulation project for the next-generation platform of hearing aid devices and get an early start on software development. The collaboration was marked by very efficient communication, timely responses and quick adaptation to changes in project objectives."
Vesselin Parushev, Project Leader, Microsystems, Phonak AG

Maxtek Leverages Synopsys’ Services and ASIC Prototyping Solutions to Develop 12.5 GS/s Digital Receiver
"Using Synopsys Professional Services was the best choice for achieving our project’s high-performance objectives. Their FPGA design experience and prototyping expertise were key factors in our decision, and more importantly, in achieving our aggressive project objectives."
Gary Goncher, System Architect, Data Converters, Maxtek Components Corporation

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