Professional Workshop: Optical Transceiver Design for Datacom Applications

Designing a PAM4 Transceiver

April 3, 2020, Online
9:00 AM to 12:30 PM CET

This workshop provides a detailed introduction to photonic integrated circuit (PIC) technology for datacom applications using the Synopsys PIC Design Suite to simulate and design a four-level pulse amplitude modulation (PAM4) transceiver.

You will learn to identify the building blocks and process design kits (PDKs) you need to design and simulate datacom PIC devices for a technology platform.

You will also learn how to use key features of the PIC Design Suite including model creation for circuit simulation, virtual lab simulation tools (OptSIm Circuit) to obtain eye diagrams and frequency domain simulations, the bidirectional interface between circuit and layout generation and verification (OptoDesigner), and back annotation and design for manufacturing.

Summary of Topics

Part 1

  • Introduction to Synopsys Driving the PIC revolution
  • Understanding transceivers and data communication
  • Q&A with experts

Part 2

  • PIC Design Flow- Schematic Driven Layout of the PAM4 Transceiver Design
  • Advance Design Considerations- Back-annotation and Design for Manufacturing
  • Q&A with experts

During these sessions we will start with a short introduction of our tools, and how they create an ideal design workflow for PIC designers.

In the second block, we will provide an introductory explanation of what are the necessary considerations towards optical transceiver design. On this explanation we will focus on a single application, PAM4, which is one of the most used modulation schemes for datacom. For the demonstration two schematic representations will be introduced and analyzed in OptSim Circuit.

Based on this background, our expert designers will generate a complete design, from schematic capture of a PAM4 transceiver, based on preexisting building blocks from DemoFab Process Design Kit.

After the design is simulated, we will comment on advanced capabilities of the PIC Design Flow, such as Back-annotation and Design for Manufacturing.

Course Information

This online workshop will start at 9:00 am and end 12:30 pm CET. After registration you will get an e-mail with instructions and link to connect to the workshop.

Who Should Attend?

Any engineer, designer, project leader, R&D manager or scientist who wants to learn to use Synopsys Photonic Solutions PIC tools for circuit design & simulation and layout generation and verification.

Space is limited.

For questions please send emails to:


Course Instructors

Luis Orbe, Ph.D. Customer Support Coordinator. Dr. Orbe is a senior application engineer, provides technical support for PIC Design Suite with expertise in layout generation and verification

Tung-Yu Su, MSc. Application Engineer, provides technical support for PIC Design Suite with expertise on circuit and device simulation