Bidirectional Module for OptSim

The Bidirectional Module for OptSim simulates the impact of bidirectional signal propagation in fiber-optic systems across multiple components and is an add-on product to Synopsys’ award-winning fiber-optic communication system simulation tool, OptSim.

The Bidirectional Module for OptSim is useful for system applications that require bidirectional propagation of optical and electrical signals, including transmission, reflections, and resonances.


  • Shares the same user interface as OptSim and works seamlessly with the blockmode simulation engine of OptSim and ModeSYS
  • Evaluates the impact of multipath interference and its interplay with noise, jitter and modulation formats in the context of a fiber-optic communication system design
  • Optimizes designs to enhance performance and reduce costs
  • Delivers powerful options for design setup, data visualization, plotting and management of project resources 


Use OptSim with the Bidirectional Module for OptSim to design optical communication systems and photonic sensor systems including, but not limited to:

  • Transceivers for coherent and non-coherent fiber optic communication systems

  • Photonic systems with multipath interference (MPI), reflections and resonances

  • Sagnac, Mach-Zehnder, and Michelson interferometric fiber-optic sensor systems 


  • Extends OptSim’s system modeling capabilities to include non-PIC, system modeling applications that require bidirectional signal propagation
  • Models bidirectional propagation for both optical and electrical signals, forward and backward propagating reflections and resonance
  • Models multipath Interference (MPI) from network and system elements
  • Includes a library of elements such as a bidirectional connector, bidirectional coupler, mirror, Sagnac effect model, bidirectional attenuator, transmission line, microwave connection, splitter, and combiner 
  • Supports user-defined components and hierarchies  for design reuse and scalability
  • Offers flexibility to create custom models for cosimulation with MATLAB
  • Supports parametric and Monte Carlo scans

Which OptSim Solution Is Right for You?

Differences between Bidirectional Module for OptSim and OptSim Circuit

OptSim Circuit is a photonic circuit simulator and is targeted for photonic integrated circuit (PIC) applications. The Bidirectional Module for OptSim is targeted for non-PIC, fiber-optic system designs.


Bidirectional Module for OptSim 

OptSim Circuit  

Bidirectional propagation of optical and electrical signals 



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