Propagation Simulations

OptoDesigner propagation simulation modules combine powerful simulations with next-generation design capabilities. They provide powerful simulation algorithms including 2D/3D BPM (Beam Propagation Method), 2D BEP (Bidirectional Eigenmode Propagation), and 2D FDTD (Finite-Difference Time-Domain).

Synopsys’ proprietary Zone Technology integrates optical simulations with parametric chip and mask layouts, allowing designers to simulate parts of a complete design in one simulation run, rather than simulating an adapted design or simulating in multiple runs. The Flexible Algorithm Selection Technology (FAST) combines simulation algorithms in a single run. 


You may choose the best simulation module that suits your component design. For fast and unidirectional requirements, BPM should offer great flexibility and speed. BEP takes a step forward by introducing bidirectional simulation capabilities that support fast and complex simulation schemes. FDTD provides complete omnidirectional 2D simulation capabilities with advanced features such as pulse simulation.


Customized design of passive photonic integrated circuits.

The BPM method is especially useful for forward-only propagation simulations of larger components. Typical applications of the algorithm are in optical devices such as arrayed waveguide gratings, modulators, and Mach-Zehnder Interferometers. 

The BEP method is used for simulations though waveguides and structures where back reflections are a must. 

2D FDTD is most suitable for smaller structures that can be analyzed in high detail. Complete spectra can be obtained and evaluated.


  • 2D and 3D BPM Simulations Module
  • 2D Eigenmode Expansion Simulations Module
  • 2D FDTD Simulations Module
  • Zone and FAST
  • Process Flow Visualization