Mode Simulations

Advanced Mode Solver

Waveguide structures can guide light waves; however, the number of propagating modes and their physical characteristics depend on the nature of light, structure, and material definition of the waveguide. The Advanced Mode Solver Module calculates the electromagnetic eigenmodes and propagation constants of optical waveguides using the Film Mode Matching (FMM) method and the Finite Differences (FD) method.


The Advanced Mode Solver Module helps users understand waveguide physics and optimize the response of their photonic components. 

This module provides the first step on a fully integrated layout design flow.


  • Passive waveguide design
  • Loss calculation on straight and bent cross sections


  • Effective Index Method
  • Film Mode Matching algorithm
  • Finite Difference 

Figure 1: Cross-section of an InP waveguide

Figure 2: Optical mode in an InP waveguide with loss to the substrate