Simulation Modules

OptoDesigner photonic simulation modules support both waveguide cross-sections (mode solvers, multi-physics solvers) and full top-view layouts (propagation simulations). Mask layout and simulations are tightly integrated; for example, a slice through a mask can be passed to a process flow visualizer and from there to a mode solver on the calculated local cross-section. In addition, propagation simulations can be done on a part of a mask layout. Different propagation algorithms can be mixed and matched in one single simulation run for optimal simulation speed and accuracy.

Mode Simulations

Available mode simulation modules:

Propagation Simulations

OptoDesigner propagation simulation modules combine powerful simulations with next-generation design capabilities. They provide powerful simulation algorithms including 2D/3D BPM (Beam Propagation Method), 2D BEP (Bidirectional Eigenmode Propagation), and 2D FDTD (Finite-Difference Time-Domain).

Synopsys’ proprietary Zone Technology integrates optical simulations with parametric chip and mask layouts, allowing designers to simulate parts of a complete design in one simulation run, rather than simulating an adapted design or simulating in multiple runs. The Flexible Algorithm Selection Technology (FAST) combines simulation algorithms in a single run. 

Available propagation simulation modules:

Process Flow Visualization

Process Flow Visualization is a powerful tool inside OptoDesigner visualize the entire PIC process flow using schematic cross-sections.