PDK TowerJazz (silicon photonics)

The silicon photonics process design kit contains the building blocks for circuit simulation and layout generation, mask layers, and design rules for the Multi Project Wafer runs offered by TowerJazz

This PDK is a licensed plug-in library for OptoDesigner and OptSim Circuit and supports Multi Project Wafer and custom runs provided by Tower Semiconductor. In addition to the photonic elements from the standard OptoDesigner library, the PDK contains technology-specific information such as mask layer names, design rules, validated building blocks, and GDS file settings.

The PDK’s availability in the PIC Design Suite supports a seamless design flow by enabling users to capture a schematic and perform circuit simulations in OptSim Circuit, and drive layout implementation in OptoDesigner for the Tower silicon photonics process (PH18.4).

PDK contents for Full Silicon Photonics platform

The PH18.4 process is intended for the fabrication of integrated active and passive SiPho structures built on thin film SOI substrates.

Contents include:

  • Technology set-up files
  • GDSII mask file generation settings
  • Mask layers and material properties
  • Die templates
  • Design Rules
  • Components:
    • Fiber grating couplers
    • Silicon & Nitride waveguides
      • Straight & ridge
      • Arc
      • Adiabatic arc
      • S-Bend
      • Waveguide Transitions
      • Tapers
      • Crossings
    • Directional couplers
    • Multimode interferometers
    • Y splitters
    • Mach Zehnder modulators
    • Photodetectors
    • Phase shifters

Tower Semiconductor Photonics Multi Project Wafer Runs

Tower is offering access to fabrication runs in Multi Project Wafer runs, and the PDK can be requested from the Tower Semiconductor website The schedule and further details can be found at www.towersemi.com