PDK Sandia (Silicon & SiN)

The silicon/silicon nitride photonics process design kit contains the mask layers, Building Blocks and design rules for the Multi Project Wafer runs offered by Sandia National Laboratories

This PDK is a plug-in library for OptoDesigner and supports the Multi Project Wafer runs provided by Sandia National Laboratories (USA). In addition to the photonic elements from the standard OptoDesigner generic design library, the PDK contains technology-specific information like mask layer names, design rules, validated Building Blocks, die sizes, and GDS file settings. The Building Blocks as provided by Sandia are fully parametric within the boundaries of the technology.

PDK contents

  1. Technology set-up files
  2. All relevant cross-sectional information including the materials involved. Possibilities for mode-solving as well as beam-propagation simulations. Phase sensitive routing in both Silicon and Silicon Nitride waveguides is fully supported
  3. Die templates for layout generation
  4. Fully parametric Building Blocks (C-band):
    • Germanium detectors
    • Waveguides (Si Ridge, Si Rib, Nitride)
    • Waveguide transitions, crossings, (adiabatic) arcs
    • Y-coupler, directional couplers, adiabatic couplers and MMIs
    • Mode Filter
    • Micro-ring filters (standard, adiabatic and cascaded)
    • Edge couplers (Si and Nitride) and gratings (1D, Polarization split and focusing) for efficient SMF-coupling
    • Thermo-Optic phase-sections
    • DC and RF metal tracks
    • Polarization rotators and splitters
    • Mach-Zehnder modulators (Electro-Optic, Traveling Wave and Thermo-Optic)
    • MicroDisk-Modulators (Electro-Optic w/ thermal tuning)
  5. Design Rules
  6. GDSII mask file generation