PDK PHIX Photonics Assembly (Packaging)

To simplify photonic integrated circuit (PIC) input/output (I/O) and packaging, Synopsys is pleased to announce design support within OptoDesigner for PHIX Photonics Assembly and packaging services

PHIX Photonics Assembly offers several solutions and services for assembly and packaging of photonic integrated circuits (PICs). This varies from prototypes and demonstration models, to volume series of end-products. PHIX offers services to support you with the realization of your complete optical system. From singulation and characterization of bare chips and pieces of wafers, to pig-tailing of fibers and fiber arrays to PICs, hybrid integration of different PICs, and to mounting the optical assembly including the driving electronics in standardized or customized housings.

PIC designers can use PHIX Packaging Templates within the latest release of OptoDesigner. These templates are available for adding optical fiber coupling to TriPleXTM chips from Lionix International.

Read more about the products and services of PHIX.

Hybrid PIC assembly for Microwave Photonics application.
Courtesy LioniX International BV.