PDK INPHOTEC (Silicon & SiN)

The silicon/silicon nitride photonics process design kit contains the mask layers, Building Blocks, and design rules for the Multi Project Wafer runs offered by INPHOTEC, Pisa, Italy

This PDK is a licensed plug-in library for OptoDesigner and supports Multi Project Wafer and custom runs provided by the Integrated Photonic Technologies Center (INPHOTEC), part of the TeCIP Institute of the Scuola Superiore Sant'Anna in Pisa, Italy. The PDK contains technology specific information like mask layer names, design rules, validated building blocks, die sizes, templates, and GDS file settings. All generic photonic design elements available in OptoDesigner can be used in conjunction with this PDK.

PDK contents

  1. Technology set-up files
  2. All relevant cross-sectional information including the materials involved
    • Possibilities for mode-solving as well as beam-propagation simulations
    • Phase sensitive routing in both Silicon and Silicon Nitride waveguides is fully supported
  1. Die templates
  2. Set of validated passive Building Blocks:
    • Two different waveguide geometries (shallow and deep etch)
    • Waveguide arcs, transitions and crossings
    • MMI's
    • Directional couplers
    • Grating couplers
    • DC pads
  3. Design Rules
  4. GDSII mask file generation