PDK Cordon Electronics (Packaging)

This design kit contains the required layout information to fit in the standard packages or customized packages from Cordon

Cordon has a long history in development and production services for high end electronic modules and components. Over last decade this became more and more opto-electronics, making use of the benefits of micro-optics and integrated photonics. 

One Stop Shop Photonics

Cordon offers to its customers a complete range of (photonic) services:

  • Design support to complete the photonic device package
  • Product engineering
  • Actual production for:
    • packaged bare chips
    • electronics in and outside the package
    • complete products
  • All tests and qualifications required

For more information on Cordon services, see the Cordon website and contact details: www.cordongroup.it


Customized Packaging

Packages are usually customized in order to maximize performances, but the process limits do not always allow to optimize overall product performance, cost, and size. Together with Synopsys, Cordon is currently studying how to incorporate in the PDK rules that help designers to stay within customized packaging production limitations. Cordon supports further optimizing the produce-ability and the thermo-mechanic behaviour before making a chip design final. 


Standard Package

In early stages of development in particular, a customized package is expensive. Cordon offers some standard solutions to make this early development stage more cost-effective. In the PDK, design rules can be found for these standard packages. The PDK also indicates where it is possible, and with which freedom, to deviate from this completely standard package at limited cost and lead time. This can be used as an intermediate stage towards a fully customized package. The standard package for edge coupling is equipped for:

  • Thermal management using a TEC and Thermistor
  • 48 DC connects by two rows of 24 pins
  • 4 RF connections (for up to 40 GHz)
  • Straight and angled edge coupling

Up to 4 fibers or an array of max 32 (depending on chip configuration.


Cordon will soon be adding the design rules for VGC and its standard packaging solution(s).

The library is available directly through pic_support@synopsys.com

For requests or further information about the Cordon packaging services, please contact roberto.pessina@cordongroup.it.