PDK CNM (Silicon Nitride)

The silicon nitride process design kit contains the mask layers, building blocks, material properties, and design rules for the CNM-VLC platform of 300 nm thickness. Tested building blocks for wavelength operation of 1550 nm is available like edge couplers, MMIs 2x2, heaters, strip/deep to rib/shallow transitions, Mach-Zehnders, AWG, Echelle gratings, etc. Also, there is a vast parametric building blocks to use in the platform that the designer can use according their simulations and requirements as: Mach-Zehnder interferometers, grating couplers, MMIs, ring resonators, etc.

CNM-VLC process offers experience in fabrication silicon nitride for photonics applications (since 90s), cost-effective platform and very versatile to fit the requirements. CNM-VLC process offers experience in fabrication silicon nitride for photonics applications (since 90s), cost-effective platform and very versatile to fit the requirements for your application. They have experience to include different materials in the process and they have vast knowledge to develop a custom process for your application with a fit price.

This PDK is a plug-in library for OptoDesigner. In addition to the photonic elements from the standard OptoDesigner library, the PDK contains technology specific information like mask layer names, design rules, validated building blocks developed by VLC Photonics and settings to generate GDS file of the design.

PDK contents CNM-VLC 300 nm platform

The PDK is available for 300 nm platform optimized for applications in 1550 nm wavelength. The Multi-project (MPW) platform includes two levels of etching (to define at 300 thickness and 150 nm thickness), metal layer and oxide opening. With a specific definition, it is possible to define 150 nm thickness silicon nitride wave-guides for visible applications or to define shallow wave-guides.

The thin wave-guides enable small bend radii and compact designs with low propagation losses. Those wave-guides can maintain linear behavior, low polarization cross-talk at high optical power levels. This platform enables applications as: LIDAR, quantum photonics systems, telecom applications, etc.

The PDK includes:

  • Technology setup files
  • Die templates
  • Metal layer to define heaters and routing to bond.
  • Trench definition to remove the oxide on top of the waveguides
  • Two levels of silicon nitride etching (300 nm and 150nm), making possible to work with two different thickness in the same die.
  • SiN waveguides
    • Low loss spirals
    • MZI, MMI
    • Ring resonators
    • Tapers
    • Transitions
    • Edge couplers
    • Rib waveguides
  • Design rules
  • GDSII mask file generation

CNM-VLC Photonics MPW Runs

The CNM-VLC PDK is available for approved customers,and distributed for users of MPW and dedicated runs. Request access by filling the form and specifying in Additional Info section that you want to work with CNM platform (http://www.vlcphotonics.com/mpw/). More information of the platform in http://www.imb-cnm.csic.es/en/micro-and-nanofabrication-clean-room/silicon-nitride-photonic-integration-platform.

Once the procedure is complete, VLC Photonics will provide you with a PDK installer compatible with the latest version of OptoDesigner.

For other requests on CNM platform, you can contact VLC at http://www.vlcphotonics.com/mpw/.