PDK CEA-Leti (Si 310nm full plat.)

CEA-Leti's integrated silicon photonics platform is developed for high-speed optical transceivers and highly-integrated optical interposer applications. The full 310nm platform library includes waveguides for optical routing, grating fiber couplers, high-speed silicon electro-optic modulators, and high-speed germanium waveguide photo-detectors.

This PDK is a licensed plug-in library for OptoDesigner and supports Multi Project Wafer and custom runs provided by CEA-Leti in Grenoble, France. In addition to the photonic elements from the standard OptoDesigner library, the PDK contains technology-specific information like mask layer names, design rules, validated building blocks, die sizes, and GDS file settings.

Regular training sessions are being organised to introduce the technology platform and the software tools to (potential) users.

CEA-Leti collaborates with CMP to offer their MPW services.

PDK contents for Full Silicon Photonics platform

310nm Si / 800nm BOX on 200mm platform, optimized for 1310nm wavelength applications. The technology has compatible design rules with a 300mm industrial foundry, allowing for scale-up to high volume manufacturing.

  1. Technology set-up files
  2. Die templates for layout generation
  3. Fiber grating couplers
  4. Silicon Waveguides
  5. Directional couplers
  6. Multimode interferometer
  7. Racetrack resonator (with heater)
  8. Mach Zehnder modulator
  9. PN ring modulator (with heater)
  10. Photodetectors
    1. Full Ge photodetector
    2. SiGeSi photodetector
  11. Design Rules
  12. Export file generation (GDS)