PIC Design Suite EDA Interfaces

Co-Design of Photonics and Electronics

Both Photonic Design Automation (PDA) and Electronic Design Automation (EDA) vendors now focus on Photonic Integrated Circuit (PIC) design. PDA and EDA used to be separate worlds, but in the last couple of years, electronic circuit designers have been showing a growing interest in photonics. To accommodate this growing group of designers, Synopsys is actively developing interfaces between PDA and EDA tools.

With Synopsys’ solutions, photonic IC design teams have access to widely used, high-quality IC and photonic design solutions from a single provider with a single support channel:

  • Simulate photonic and electronic circuits using OptSim Circuit and PrimeSim HSPICE
  • Perform electro-optic device design – with no messy file format conversions – using the RSoft tools and Sentaurus TCAD
  • Design for manufacturing with OptoDesigner and Sentaurus Process and Topography to optimize existing processes and develop new process flows

OptSim Circuit and PrimeSim HSPICE

With more than 25 years of successful design tapeouts, the PrimeSim HSPICE tool is the industry's gold-standard electrical circuit simulator and offers foundry-certified electrical MOS device models. The RSoft-PrimeSim HSPICE interface supports precise co-simulation of electronic components in photonic circuits in both on-chip and off-chip optical configurations. OptSim and OptSim Circuit are the only photonics simulation software tools on the market that offer this capability.

RSoft Tools and Sentaurus TCAD

The RSoft Photonic Component Design Suite is integrated with Synopsys Sentaurus TCAD products to provide streamlined, multi-disciplinary simulations of complex optoelectronic devices. It is a bi-directional interface that uses native file formats for efficient, robust analysis – with no messy file format conversions.

Sentaurus Process and Topography

Interfaces with third-party tools

For information about interfaces with third-party tools, please contact Synopsys using our online form.

Synopsys EDA Tools

Synopsys PDA Tools

Figure 1. Synopsys PIC Design Flow and co-design of photonics and electronics.