New Features Release: Synopsys Photonic Solutions 2019.09

Efficiently accelerate your designs with the latest features!

In this webinar, we will demonstrate Synopsys Photonic Solutions features released in September 2019. You will learn how our latest releases make photonic design more efficient, flexible, and comprehensive:

More Efficient

  • RSoft DeviceTools provide improvements to the LightTools Bidirectional Scattering Distribution Function (BSDF) interface.
  • RSoft Device Tools include a new transfer function mask (TFM) to emulate a phase/amplitude mask for meta-surfaces, making it easier to simulate large 3D metalenses with BeamPROP.
  • PIC Design Suite delivers a new set of DRC algorithms based on strip trees that speed simulations by up to 20x and reduce false errors.

More Flexible

  • Photonic System Tools and PIC Design Suite now support statistical scans for compound component parameters and symbol table variables.
  • PIC Design Suite updates foundry PDKs to the latest versions, including AMF, TowerJazz, IMEC and AIM Photonics (AP-SUNY).
  • PIC Design Suite includes a new direct Spice export by OptoDesigner from a mask file analysis.

More Comprehensive

  • RSoft Device Tools have significant improvements that make the tools more user friendly and powerful, including a new interface with OptoDesigner to load and simulate PIC design files directly in the RSoft CAD Environment.
  • RSoft Device Tools include an expanded Custom PDK Utility that allows users to add to a PDK active device models such as phase shifters and modulators.
  • PIC Design Suite added external electrical ports to the bidirectional interface with OptSim Circuit and now both electrical and photonic ports are seamlessly exposed in OptoDesigner, and internal links between these ports can be auto-routed in the layout.
  • PIC Design Suite has an improved LVS flow to support large port count photonic devices and netlist extraction.

More Applications

  • TowerJazz PDK-based Quadrature Phase-Shift Keying (QPSK) Transceiver PIC and study of quadrature imbalance due to process variations
  • Ring modulator simulation using custom PDK models in OptSim Circuit
  • Receiver sensitivity for BPSK modulation
  • Light Fidelity (LiFi) over Free-Space Optics (FSO)
  • 100GBASE-SR4 SWDM4 transmission over Prysmian WideCap OM4 fiber

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Please join us for one of these sessions:

  • September 26, 2019, 10am CET (For EU and Asia audiences)
  • September 26, 2019, 10am PDT (For U.S. audience)

One hour is planned for this webinar, including Q&A sessions.

What You Will Learn

  • New features in Synopsys Photonic Solutions version 2019.09 and how they improve photonic design processes
  • How external electrical ports are properly exposed in OptoDesigner, and how the internal links between electrical ports are auto-route
  • How to create custom PDKs using the AWG Utility and BeamPROP for active devices such as phase shifters
  • How to load and simulate PIC design files in the RSoft CAD and how to use Python APIs to construct CAD files for complex structures, such as metalenses and grating couplers

Who Should Attend

Current users, students, researchers, R&D engineers, and managers interested in understanding Synopsys’ solutions for complete, seamless photonic simulation should attend this webinar.


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