Europractice 10th Photonic Integrated Circuit Training

imec, Leuven, Belgium

October 10 – 12, 2018

The training aims to give a jump-start on PIC technology from a fabless manufacturing perspective. One day of seminars on the technology and two days of hands-on training on the design flow tools provide a wide overview of the most essential aspects of PIC technology. This course intends to introduce basics of PIC technology and provide introductory hands-on training on PIC designing using Photonic Design Automation (PDA) tools from Synopsys.

Course Summary

The use of CMOS fabrication technology has enabled large scale integration of photonic components at chip level – called Photonic Integrated Circuits (PICs). The concepts of fabless manufacturing and multi-project-wafer (MPW) services are now widely available for PICs, for various base materials. Low-cost access to generic fabrication processes for rapid prototyping and low volume production has shifted the emphasis to design innovation.

This course intends to introduce basics of PIC technology and provide introductory hands-on training on PIC designing. The training is structured in two parts:

  • Technology overview seminars, running over one day, focus on the basics of PIC technology and updates on state-of-the-art through talks delivered by the experts from the PIC industry and academia covering PIC technology, applications, building blocks, platforms, design flow and packaging.
  • Design overview training, running over two days, imparts hands-on training on some of the most popular PDA tools for simulations and designing by Synopsys.

The training is divided into two parts: seminars (1 day) and hands-on sessions (2 days). Participants, depending on their requirements, can attend either part 1 (Technology Overview), part 2 (Design Overview), or both. If you wish to attend both (all three days) please ensure you book both part 1 and part 2


Day 1: PIC Technology Overview seminars (Part 1)

  • PIC Tutorial
  • Europractice & Photonics MPW
  • Presentations by the leading European PIC foundries on of the state-of-the-art of their PIC platforms (Silicon photonics, Silicon Nitride photonics, packaging etc.).
  • Presentations on PIC design flows and challenges by design experts.
Day 2 & 3 - PIC Design Overview (hands-on) on training (Part 2)
  • OptSim Circuit
  • RSoft Component Design Suite
  • OptoDesigner
  • Imec’s 300mm cleanroom tour (imec)


A background in photonics is useful but not necessary