LucidShape and LucidDrive: What's New

LucidShape Updates

LucidShape version 2017.03 includes the following new features for automotive lighting design:

  • Automotive headlight analysis based on the U.S. Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS) headlight test guidelines. This allows designers to perform these types of analysis: Illuminance-based visibility range testing, glare test for oncoming traffic, and overall headlight results, ranging from good to poor.

  • The new MacroFocal Torus Optic tool, which creates pillow optics and cylinder flutes for decorative styling. It is particularly useful for designing signal lights and tail lights, but can also be used to create and adjust any pillowed surface on a grid. The Torus Optic tool works with the proprietary algorithms in LucidShape software to automatically calculate and construct optical surfaces based on user-defined illuminance and intensity patterns.

  • Improved organization and usability of the UV Data Properties dialog box. It has been rearranged into four sections to: ranges and presets, data display, overlay, and color tone mapping. In addition, the UV Data Properties dialog box now includes the ability to define presets for display properties and custom isolines.
LucidShape Updates

LucidDrive Updates

LucidDrive includes the following new features for evaluating beam patterns of vehicle headlamps under nighttime driving conditions.

  • Traffic Simulation feature for realistic simulations of headlight response to dynamic traffic and road conditions, including the following capabilities:
    • High-accuracy calculations of traffic flows and patterns based on an intelligent driver model
    • User-defined parameters, such as vehicle speed, acceleration, deceleration and braking capabilities
    • Automatic lane changing maneuvers
    • Support for LucidDrive scripting to program customized vehicle behaviors
    • Expanded library of road scenes for simulations
LucidDrive Updates


LucidDrive demo with Traffic Simulation feature

LucidDrive demo with Traffic Simulation feature and matrix beam headlight

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