Conference Overview

The International Optical Design Conference (IODC) is held every four years and gathers optical designers, scientists, and engineers from around the world to discuss the latest developments in the optical design industry.  The conference covers topics ranging from freeform optics and imaging design to illumination systems design and emerging optics technologies.

Synopsys Demos

At IODC, the Synopsys Optical Solutions Group will showcase our software solutions that enable you to design accurate, easy-to-manufacture optical systems. Speak with our experts to learn more about our innovative software packages including CODE V® imaging design software, LightTools® illumination design software, and RSoft™ Photonic Device Tools for streamlined, multi-domain co-simulations of nano-textured optical structures. We offer optical design services, with more than 5,500 completed projects in imaging, illumination, and optical systems engineering. And our optical measurement solutions give customers access to precision light scattering data for materials and media used in optical systems.

Visit booth 1007 to learn more and get a demo of our latest innovations.

Synopsys Presentations

Recent Advances in Tolerancing Illumination Optics
Presented by Dr. William Cassarly, Synopsys, Inc

Validation of a Ray-Based Tool for Metalens Design and Analysis
Presented by Yijun Ding, Synopsys, Inc

Characterizing Finely Structured Ghost Images Using Physical Optics Propagation Methods
Presented by Eric Herman, Synopsys, Inc

The Importance of Lens Mounting Details in Passive Athermalization: a Design Example
Presented by Eric Schiesser, Synopsys, Inc

Optical Design for Femtosecond Applications
Presented by Scott Sparrold, Synopsys, Inc

Foundations for Ray-Based Design of Metalenses
Presented by Bryan Stone, Synopsys, Inc

The Continued Importance of the Abbe Sine Condition
Presented by Nick Takaki, Synopsys, Inc

Leveraging Confocality and Cartesian Reflectors in Freeform Optical Designs
(Joint talk with Jonathan Papa, NASA Goddard Space Flight Center)
Presented by Nick Takaki, Synopsys, Inc

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To Schedule a Meeting

If you are planning to attend IODC and would like to schedule on on-site meeting or product demo with Synopsys, send an e-mail to