LucidShape Enewsletter

March 2015

LucidShape 2.0

We are pleased to announce that LucidShape® 2.0 is now available. LucidShape 2.0 features the following major improvements, among other enhancements:

  • Visualize Module
  • Ray Data Viewer
  • Light Pipe Tool
  • Measured BSDF Surface Material Library

How to Get LucidShape 2.0 Software

Currently installed and running LucidShape software will automatically notify you of the availability of a newer version of LucidShape, and will ask you to download the LucidShape 2.0 installation file. Alternatively, you can download LucidShape 2.0 from the Brandenburg download center at For international customers working with a distributor, you will also be able to obtain software from your local LucidShape software distributor. See the Synopsys Optical Solutions Group Global Contacts page for contact information. If your country is not listed on the distributors page referenced above, please contact us at for instructions.

How to Get the LucidShape License Key File

After you install LucidShape 2.0, the software will ask for your username and password and then automatically connect to the LucidShape license server to download and install your license for you. If your network situation prevents LucidShape from doing that, please log in to the download center at to obtain your license file.

Please contact us at if you have questions about obtaining the LucidShape 2.0 software and license key files.

New Features in LucidShape 2.0

LucidShape 2.0 includes the following key new features.

New Features in LucidShape 2.0

Visualize Module

The Visualize Module produces high-speed photorealistic images of an automotive lighting system’s lit appearance. Because the Visualize Module depicts all interactions between system geometry and light sources, it provides designers with a physically correct diagnostic tool for evaluating how a lighting system will be perceived by the human eye. This is particularly important for evaluating automotive components such as turn signals and brake lights. The Visualize Module is a fast, reliable engineering tool that enables designers to perform design checks and make improvements early and often in the product development process.

Ray Data Viewer

The Ray Data Viewer creates luminance images based on ray data sources. This allows designers to quickly preview the lit appearance and structure of vendor light sources before incorporating them into their models. Sources can be viewed from various angles using a camera positioning capability.

Light Pipe Tool

The Light Pipe Tool simplifies and speeds the creation of complete light pipe designs by allowing prism bands to be created in conjunction with light pipe surfaces in LucidShape, significantly reducing the need for CAD operations, trimming and manual geometry creation. With this tool, the light pipe surface is automatically fit to the prism band and merged into a single new shape, producing a seamless, optically accurate light guide.

Measured BSDF Surface Material Library

LucidShape’s material library has been expanded to include measured Bidirectional Scattering Distribution Function (BSDF) models from Synopsys’ LightTools® illumination design software. It delivers unsurpassed accuracy for modeling surface scattering for materials commonly used in automotive lighting, and can be customized by designers according to their unique requirements.

For More Information

If you have any questions about LucidShape 2.0, please contact