CODE V Enewsletter

April 2015

CODE V 10.7 Service Release 1 Is Available For Download

We are pleased to announce that CODE V 10.7 SR1 is now available for download at

License Codes Note: CODE V 10.7 SR1 will continue to use version 10.7 license codes. If you already have CODE V 10.7 installed, see the Installation Instructions below for details about installing your license file for the SR1. If you have not previously installed CODE V 10.7, you will need to procure a new license file from SolvNet.

Glass Catalog Updates in CODE V 10.7 SR1


  • Updated per 01/2015 catalog
  • Updated transmission values for LBAL42 and LLAM69
  • Set the cost for all glasses to 0 on request from Ohara. Revised price list to be made available by the vendor in the future
  • The absolute dN/dT information for the following glasses can now be computed with the supplied macro DNDTCalc.seq: SAPL1, SBAL60, SBSM36, SBSM93, SLAH92, SLAL11, SLAL52, SPHM51, SYGH52, and TIH53


  • Updated per 11/2014 catalog
  • The absolute dN/dT information for the following glass can now be computed with the supplied macro DNDTCalc.seq: NFK58

Issues Resolved in CODE V 10.7 SR1

This service release corrects several issues, including the following:

  • Fixes an issue in which the Distortion-Y (DIY) optimization constraint and database item could be incorrect for zero fields in Y.

  • Fixes an issue in which adding a paraxial image solve could delete a thickness pickup.

  • Fixes an issue where erroneous ray error messages were generated when analyzing Lateral Color (Analysis > Diagnostics > Lateral Color Plot menu).

  • Fixes an issue in which additional blank lines were introduced in the Wavefront Error analysis (WAV).  This could impact Worksheet buffer macros.

  • Fixes an issue that incorrectly set the working folder when it was set by a user to a mapped network drive that required credentials to access.

  • Fixes a GUI-only issue in which the aperture size could not be modified in the Zoom Data Review window.

  • Fixes an issue in which Fast Wavefront Differential tolerancing output (TOR) would sometimes list “NaN” (Not a number)

  • Fixes a GUI issue in which rows or multiple cells could not be copied/pasted within a CODE V session, or between separate CODE V sessions.

  • Fixes an issue where Renormalization (RNR) fails when the base surface is not defined over the starting normalization radius (NRADIUS) value, but is defined over the new NRADIUS value.

  • Fixes an issue where an interaction when using an Afocal – Infinity corrected perfect lens (AFI) and multiple zoom positions could corrupt a .LEN file if the lens is dezoomed.

  • Fixes an issue in which the diffraction square-wave MTF computation in Field Map analysis (FMA) computed geometrical sine-wave MTF, and vice versa.

  • Fixes issues in Field Map analysis (FMA) where a 2D field analysis of wavefront polynomial coefficients or PSF centroid-based distortion was incorrect if the user first ran a similar 1D analysis.

  • Fixes an issue where SPOTDATA and RMSSPOT macro functions could generate critical errors if an out-of-range zoom position was specified.

  • Fixes an issue with the Lens > System Data > Fields/Vignetting > Convert Fields… feature (i.e., an issue in the CNVTFIELD macro function), related to field specifications that were required to be zoomed, when changed.

  • Fixes a GUI-only issue in the LDM Window where the default aperture size on SI was not updating correctly.

Installation Instructions

To install CODE V 10.7 SR1:

  1. Log on to your computer as a user with local administrator privileges.

  2. Download the CODEV107SR1.EXE from SolvNet.

  3. Using Windows Explorer, navigate to the directory where CODEV107SR1.EXE was downloaded and double-click on CODEV107SR1.EXE.

  4. This launches the WinZip Self-Extractor dialog; press Setup.

  5. Fixed license users: the first time you open CODE V 10.7 SR1, it will request a license file. 

    If you previously had installed CODE V 10.7, click the Install License button in the License Manager Error dialog, which will launch the Fixed License Installer Utility. Browse to Libraries > Documents > CODE V 10.7 (which is C:\Users\Public\Documents\CODE V 10.7) and select the license.dat file.

  6. Floating license users: enter the name of your license server during the installation of CODE V 10.7 SR1.

  7. If you had not previously installed CODE V 10.7, you will need to procure a new license file from SolvNet.

OSA Freeform Optics Conference

OSA is sponsoring a Freeform Optics conference on June 7-11, 2015, which is co-chaired by one of our engineers, Dr. Kevin Rolland-Thompson, Group Director, Research and Development, Optics. Invited speakers from both industry and academia are scheduled to speak on the latest developments on optical design, optical system simulation, surface representation, and more. A presentation will be made by Dr. Bill Cassarly of Synopsys entitled "Assessing freeform illumination surface tolerances."

The conference will be held at the Renaissance Arlington Capital View Hotel in Arlington, Virginia. For more details, please visit the OSA website. Online registration for this conference is now open.