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      Issue 1, 2010


Synopsys India STEPs up to customer training

A recent survey revealed that over 92% of engineers who attended Synopsys training felt they had improved their tool proficiency. It is because training and education are so valuable to the design community that Synopsys dedicated a recent event held in Bangalore, India, to training and education matters.

Representatives from 18 companies attended the “Synopsys Training and Education Partners” (STEP) meeting, to meet Synopsys training coordinators and hear about the importance of learning initiatives from guest presenter Dr. Ravikumar of Texas instruments.

In his talk, Dr. Ravikumar stressed the importance of hands-on training, and shared information about TI India’s learning initiative program. He emphasized the importance of providing constructive feedback to make training effective.

One of Synopsys’ objectives from the meeting was to understand how it can help customers get more from training and increase their participation in classes. One of the delegates, Bhargav Bhat from Analog Devices, suggested online on-demand training as a convenient way to enhance learning.

Synopsys offers online training today, and Harish Balan from Synopsys talked through the various ways that customers can engage with Synopsys to learn about its tools and methodologies. These include traditional public classes as well as private classes, which Synopsys can design to meet the unique needs of the customer’s design team, and if required, deliver at their offices. As well as the traditional formats, Synopsys offers a virtual classroom, which is a time- and cost-effective way of reaching geographically dispersed teams. Synopsys’ on-demand training allows engineers to have access to pre-recorded training modules for self-paced learning.

STEP 2010 was a great success with all the delegates, and Synopsys will repeat the event on June 23 and 24, 2010 at Synopsys’ Bangalore office. Please contact for more information or to register your interest.

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