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      Volume 3, Issue 4


Technology Update Technology Update
Your New
We are excited to introduce a redesigned in a brand new look and feel. We have designed the site with you, our customer in mind. The new site provides greater uniformity among all content sections. A new navigation system will help you find your way through content quickly. Interact with Synopsys bloggers and your peers in our new web community that features our popular blogs and forums. Find exciting new content in many product areas as well as on our partner, support, university and press pages.

Visit today to experience:

A New Look and Feel
Our new site design and user interface provide a consistent browsing experience and improved usability. Page layouts have been redesigned to help you scan content and find exactly what you need quickly. For example, highlights have been added to help you easily identify important news, events, and content. Data sheet downloads are prominently displayed for easy access. Diagrams have been updated for consistency and clarity. Supporting documentation such as datasheets, articles, and videos are collected in expanding content modules on the right-hand side of each page.

Intuitive Navigation has been reorganized and the navigation system has been redesigned to make it easier for you to find important content efficiently. To help guide you, we have introduced tabbed navigation, content accordions, breadcrumb navigation and an alphabetical directory that provides one-click access to Synopsys tools, services, IP, and solutions.

An Easier Way to Stay Up to Date
Take a look at our home page to find out what's new and browse content you find interesting. New areas of the website include a "Learn About" section that explores the latest hot topics, and a community section that features partners, standards, blogs, forums, and the Synopsys Users Group. Visit our on-line community to stay connected with Synopsys and other users. Don't forget to subscribe to your favorite blogs and news via RSS.

Please take some time to explore the new site. We hope it meets your needs and provides an improved web experience. Let us know what you think about our new site by utilizing the ‘Contact Us' link on the bottom of each page.

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" has been reorganized and the navigation system has been redesigned to make it easier for you to find important content efficiently."