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Synopsys Responds to Customer Needs for Flexibility and IP

The electronics industry in India is at an intriguing juncture. Established largely on a foundation of ‘offshore’ chip design centers for multinational organizations, a combination of government initiatives and entrepreneurial spirit is enabling the emergence of a new generation of indigenous chip companies. The increasing availability of local engineering skills combined with rapid growth in local markets means that the expansion in India’s electronics industry is widely predicted to accelerate over the next several years.

According to a study by Frost and Sullivan, India is the fastest growing market for electronic products in the world with consumption expected to grow from $28 billion in 2005 to $363 billion by 2015. At that time India will account for 11 percent of the global electronics market compared to 1.8 percent in 2005. India is also an attractive location for emerging chip design companies because design automation companies are already located here.

This forecast growth is driving diversity within the chip design industry. The region will continue to be an important provider of design and engineering services, while startups will embrace new markets with product design based on a range of technology nodes and fabless business models. In the last four years, the Indian fabless semiconductor industry alone has grown from around $1 billion to over $3 billion.

With increasing diversity within the industry, Synopsys understands that in terms of sourcing design tools and EDA solutions, one business model doesn’t necessarily fit all. Increasingly, Synopsys provides a range of flexible business models to better meet the needs of individual businesses. One example is the situation where design service companies need to manage a constantly changing profile of active projects, consequently the demand for tools can be difficult to predict.

Startup companies can benefit from an EDA business model that enables growth of the design environment in step with the business’s hiring plan. Flexible access to tools and IP may be critical in achieving a funding milestone such as demonstrating a proof of concept.

Synopsys recognizes that virtually every company has certain technology and commercial demands that are unique to the needs of the business. Meeting these varying needs is a very important goal for Synopsys in this high growth market.

For more information about Synopsys’ range of IP solutions and flexible business models, contact Sadhana Karkare at Synopsys. Email:

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