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      Volume 2, Issue 3


Rebuilding the Yongming School

This time last year, the Yongming School in the Hunan province of China was in disrepair. According to headmaster Zheng Ouyang, although the floors had been eroded by rainwater, which put schoolchildren at risk, the school had no funds for rebuilding.

But thanks to voluntary donations from Synopsys employees in China, the school now has a new teaching building and can offer its students a bright and clean learning environment.

The project to donate the building was organized by the Employee Leadership Community (ELC) of Synopsys Shanghai office, led by Synopsys engineer and former Yongming pupil Xiaoqi Yang. Synopsys encouraged donations by matching what its employees raised all in all, this was enough to build a two-story structure.

The building went up quickly. Work was completed at the end of 2006, ready for inspection in just six months. Members of Give2Asia and ELC of Synopsys Shanghai were impressed with the results.

"For a long time, Synopsys has focused attention giving back to the community," said Jianyue Pan, Synopsys Director & Country Manager, PRC. "We are proud that Synopsys employees voluntarily donated to build the teaching building for village. We hope our efforts help to improve education levels in China's underdeveloped regions."

Zheng Ouyang said, "We are grateful that Synopsys stepped in to help and we believe that the new school building will help students learn, develop skills, and our teaching quality will be improved than before."

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