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Synopsys India Supplies Tools for Universities

Synopsys India is working with a number of Universities to improve the region’s chip design skills by opening up access to advanced design and verification tools. For more information, or to apply for access to tools, contact Sharat Kaul or your local Synopsys India office.

This initiative, which is part of a special Manpower Development Program administered by the Indian Government, is not just for the universities’ benefit or to improve the career prospects of the students. The consequences are far reaching. With this program the Indian Government aims to help increase India’s share in the global VLSI design market from around 5 percent to 15 – 20 percent over the next 5 years and Synopsys plays an important role in showcasing and sharing its technology leadership. This growth will make a major contribution to India’s technology-based economy. Developing a strong skills base capable of performing advanced chip design will attract further inward investment to the region and encourage overall growth.

Academia will generate trained manpower for industry by offering a range of B.Tech, M.Tech and Ph.D qualifications from participating resource centers and institutions as a result of advanced teaching of various courses on VLSI design and related software. Both students and teaching staff will benefit from exposure to Synopsys EDA tools. This is an opportunity for resource centers and participating institutions to establish VLSI Design Laboratories equipped with contemporary EDA tools. Five licenses of the University System-on-Chip package will be offered to all institutions, and five licenses of the University TCAD & Saber package to resource centers in addition to University System-on-Chip package.

The Central Electronics Engineering Research Institute (CEERI), based in Pilani, is providing a centralized procurement service to administer delivery of the tools and other resources.

Universities that wish to establish a VLSI Design Lab equipped with contemporary electronic design automation tools by participating in this program should contact Sharat Kaul at Synopsys,

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