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Synopsys India and the Community

Ravi Vattipalli, Engineering Project leader with Synopsys in Bangalore, summarises the importance of supporting strong links with the local community.

Corporate social responsibility (CSR) means a great deal to Synopsys India as an organization. We see our presence as a company as an integral part of Indian society. We exist alongside individuals in a capacity that is equally capable of contributing to the lives of local people, to the environment and other institutions. Giving something back, in return for the benefits the company has gained by operating in this region, is a responsibility and not a service.

Synopsys India is involved in many different kinds of CSR initiatives. Synopsys reaches out to local communities by supporting educational programs with resources and employee leadership. Our main focus has been on improving education opportunities for under-privileged students. A range of activities has included provision of support for mid-day meals and the supply of back-packs to meritorious students. Summer camps in science have also been sponsored. Indeed, starting in 2003, Synopsys India has organized an annual science fair, or workshop "Disha" for government schools.

Individual Synopsys employees have been actively involved in volunteering for blood donation camps, raising funds and working with various non-profit organizations, and making contributions to disaster relief funds.

Aligned with Business Objectives
CSR activities are strongly aligned with the company’s business model and objectives. Innovation and research made a major contribution to Synopsys becoming the leader in the EDA industry. As an industry we have made incredible progress in exploiting advanced semiconductor technology. Continuing that trend is only possible if the best people are drawn into engineering as a profession. Synopsys believes that supporting education initiatives, particularly in science and math, and mentoring students from school level will inspire the next generation of technology leaders.

Synopsys’ links with the education system span the entire academic spectrum, with a number of programs and research activities underway with the leading technological institutes of India.

Our corporate and social activities stretch beyond the short-term business goals of the company. There are no expectations for a quick return on investment. CSR provides a good platform for a company to be perceived in the right way, demonstrate its value system to the general public, the industry and academia by increasing awareness of Synopsys India’s growing contribution to community programs.

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