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      Volume 1, Issue 2


Synopsys Launches Website for China

A comprehensive new local language website for Synopsys customers in China.

Synopsys reinforced its commitment to the support of customers in China with the launch of a new website specifically for the region. With information provided in Chinese, this new resource will enhance communication with local customers and prospects, and ensure that news and events can be delivered more conveniently, to a wider audience and in a timely manner.

Collaborative Model
To ensure that content is kept current, and is completely relevant to the needs of the local target audience, the website will be maintained predominantly by the local Synopsys staff, including application consultants, professional services and field marketing personnel.

Targeted Content
Current information on the website includes a call for papers for the forthcoming SNUG China (user group meeting), as well as a number of recent success story summaries, all of which feature customers and designs from the local region.

The web site also incorporates local language descriptions of Synopsysí products and services. To help customers get more out of their Synopsys products, a comprehensive set of workshops will be run, and are promoted and detailed on the new site.

Other essential information can be easily found, such as contact and location details for the regional offices, as well as details of new job posts with Synopsys that are based in the region.

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