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FPGA デザインを効率的にデバッグする10 の方法
Today’s FPGAs implement the equivalent of millions of ASIC gates and continue to grow in size and complexity. With the increasing amount of time designers are spending debugging and diagnosing the design, there is a need both for better ways to find errors early and en masse, and for smarter techniques to isolate errors and apply incremental fixes. The newest generation of the Synplify Premier synthesis tool addresses these needs by supporting early design checks and hierarchical design approaches.
Angela Sutton, Staff Product Marketing Manager, Synopsys

FPGA ターンアラウンド高速化デザイン手法
This white paper takes an in depth look at a variety of techniques to help you speed up your synthesis iterations. Whether the goal is aggressive performance or to get a working initial design or prototype on the board as quickly as possible, this paper provides information on traditional and new techniques that accelerate design and debug iterations.
Angela Sutton, Staff Product Marketing Manager, Synopsys

Fast, Efficient RTL Debug for Programmable Logic Designs
Today’s designers need an FPGA verification tool that allows them to quickly find and correct functional design errors in hardware at system speed. Download this paper to read about how Synopsys' Identify RTL Debugger stands alone as the tool providing the fastest design iterations and the most powerful features available for the debug of programmable logic designs. Download now.

Beyond Physical: Solving High-end FPGA Design Challenges
This paper examines the latest trends, tools and methodologies that you should consider before beginning your next FPGA project. Being aware of the issues and solutions will allow you to take full advantage of the vital resources and benefits offered by FPGAs and to navigate potential hurdles. Click here to register and download.
Angela Sutton, Staff Product Marketing Manager, Synopsys

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