Custom Compiler-Visually-assisted Automation for Custom Layout
Learn about Synopsys' new full-custom solution that features a visually-assisted automation flow tuned for FinFET-based designs to speed up common design tasks, reduce iterations and enable reuse.
Chris Shaw, Technical Marketing Manager, Synopsys Fred Sendig, Synopsys Fellow, Synopsys
Apr 21, 2016
Improving Analog Verification Productivity Using Synopsys Simulation and Analysis Environment (SAE)
Learn about the comprehensive GUI-based transistor-level simulation and analysis environment that is deeply integrated with CustomSim, FineSim, and HSPICE circuit simulators.
Deepa Kannan, SAE Technical Marketing Manager, Synopsys
Feb 17, 2016
HSPICE Tips & Tricks Webisode Series
Learn from Synopsys applications engineers how to get the most out of HSPICE analysis. Topics will include how to most effectively use S-element, eye diagrams, IBIS-AMI, RUNLVL, and more. New mini webinars will premiere monthly.
Ted Mido, Principal Engineer, HSPICE R&D, Synopsys
Nov 03, 2014