Success Stories 

シノプシス&富士通 -- 富士通、LTE対応最新RF トランシーバの早期製品化のためにSPWを採用
"Synopsys' SPW consistently enables us to reach tape-out on schedule and within budget, despite the increasing complexity and required flexibility of our multi-standard transceiver solutions."
Vivek Bhan, Executive Vice President, Fujitsu Semiconductor Wireless Products, Inc.

Space Systems/Loral Selects Trusted SPW Tool for Advanced Satellite Receiver Design
SPW's fast simulation runtime is critical to keeping up project momentum and reducing overall development time. The ability to design an optimal signal processing algorithm in the shortest amount of time with less effort is the most significant benefit SPW offers.
Charan Langton, Manager of Simulation and Analysis, Space Systems / Loral

InterDigital Designs Standards-Compliant, Flexible HSPA Solution Using SPW Tools and Models
"For InterDigital the design process determines our success. We needed a modeling methodology covering the needs of the entire interdisciplinary team. We relied on Synopsys' algorithm design solution to put this rigorous process in place."
Robert Peloso, Director, Engineering Management, InterDigital

JAXA – SPW Enables 3-4X Faster Algorithm Design Flow for Modem Design
"Designing an optimal system in the shortest amount of time, with minimal effort and cost, is the biggest benefit that SPW provides. It would probably take 3-4 times the effort without SPW."
Naohiko Iwakiri, Senior Research Scientist of Tokyo University, and Institute of Space and Astronautical Science, JAXA

Stellamar – All-Digital ADC a Design Success with SPW Algorithm Design Tool
"Synopsys is a key partner in helping us innovate. Synopsys SPW gives us the ability and confidence to focus on what differentiates our product and gets us to market faster."
Allan Chin, CEO, Stellamar

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