Sentaurus TCAD Update Seminar --- T-2022.03 ---





◆ 開催日時 両日とも同一内容です。

  1回目: 2022年4月12日 (火) 13:30 - 15:30 お申込みは終了いたしました

  2回目: 2022年4月14日 (木) 13:30 - 15:30 お申込みは終了いたしました

  #[ZOOM Webinar] を使ったオンライン配信を予定しております。


◆ 対象のお客様

  Sentaurus TCADおよび関連製品の保守契約を締結いただいているお客様


◆ アジェンダ

13:30 Introduction

13:35 Sentaurus Workbench, Sentaurus Visual update 

14:25 Q & A

14:30 Sentaurus Device, Sentaurus Process, Sentaurus Interconnect update

15:20 Q & A

15:30 Session Close


◆Sentaurus TCAD T-2022.03の主な新機能

Sentaurus Workbench

  • SWB Performance Challenges
  • Parallel S-Visual Jobs
  • Parallel Python Jobs
  • Support for S-Visual Python Mode
  • Command-Line Improvement of gsub
  • Legacy Optimization Is No Longer Supported

Sentaurus Visual

  • Polyhedron Domain for extract_path Command
  • Polygonal Domain for Field Integration
  • New Tcl or Python Console
  • Support for New TDR File Version for Fast Loading of Mixed-Element Data Structures
  • Showing Region or Material Names in 3D Plots
  • Linking 1D and 2D Plots
  • Multiple Rulers
  • Blocking Specific Interface Fields From Loading
  • Visualizing Point Boundary Conditions
  • Improved Rendering Performance for 2D and 3D Plots
  • XY Plots of Carrier
  • Automatically Reloading 1D Datasets
  • Automatic Detection of Tcl or Python Scripts on Command Line
  • Improvements to Name Filtering
  • Precision Formatting for Probe Results
  • Multithreaded Algorithms

Sentaurus Device

  • Unusual Cooling at Heterointerfaces
  • Trap Concentrations in TDR Files
  • Automatic Saving of Trapped Charge Dataset
  • InterfaceCharge Mobility Model Enhancements
  • Variable Range Hopping Transport Mobility
  • Box Method: New Discretization at Interfaces
  • All Specified Points Are Saved by the Plot Statement
  • Tracking Doping Wells Through a Periodic Boundary for CurrentPlot Parameter Extraction
  • Compilers for CMI and PMI
  • Corrected Integrated Dose of Gamma Radiation for Short Time Interval
  • Change in Default Parameters for AlGaN

Sentaurus Process / Sentaurus Interconnect共通

  • Generating Tapered Photoresist Shapes Using photo Command
  • Replace Functionality for Box-Type Contacts
  • Read and Save Only Specified Data Fields
  • Exit Option If Layer Is Missing With icwb.create.mask Command
  • Retrieving Segments Along Z-Direction
  • Visualizing Simulation Statistics (SimStats) in Sentaurus Workbench
  • Enhancement to the usage of the number of threads

Sentaurus Process / Advanced Calibration for Process Simulation

  •  Extended Energy Range of Nuclear Scattering Tables for Universal.
  • Smooth Transition From Universal Potential to Coulombic Potential.
  • Sentaurus MC for B and P High-Energy Implantation Into Silicon
  • Sentaurus MC for Al, B, N, and P High-Energy Implantations Into 4H-SiC
  • Local Debye Temperature Model
  • Correction of Oxidation Parameters for N2O Atmosphere
  • Loading External Profile Using implant Command with

Sentaurus Interconnect

  •  Axisymmetric Mechanics Simulations for Cylindrically Symmetric 3D Structures
  • Temperature-Dependent Coefficients of Thermal Expansion and Poisson Ratio for Four-Parameter Orthotropic Elasticity
  • Precision Control for Extreme Output of stressdata Command

Sentaurus Structure Editor

  •  Updated sdedr:define-submesh Scheme Extension