Sentaurus TCAD Update Seminar --- U-2022.12 ---





◆ 開催日時 両日とも同一の内容です

  1回目: 2023年1月31日 (火) 14:30 - 16:30

  2回目: 2023年2月2日   (木) 14:30 - 16:30 

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◆ 対象のお客様

  Sentaurus TCADおよび関連製品の保守契約を締結いただいているお客様


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◆ 申込締切

  2023年1月30日 (月)


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   1/31(火)開催     2/2(木)開催 


◆ アジェンダ

14:30  Introduction

14:35  Sentaurus Workbench, Sentaurus Calibration Workbench, Optimization Framework, Sentaurus Visual update 

15:35  Q & A

15:40  Sentaurus Device, Sentaurus Process, Sentaurus Interconnect update

16:20  Q & A

16:30  Session Close



◆Sentaurus TCAD U-2022.12の主な新機能

Sentaurus Workbench

  •  Preprocessor Performance Improvements
  •  Preprocessor Performance and Cyclic Dependency Checks
  •  Preprocessor Performance and Tcl Command Blocks
  •  Enhanced Exporting and Importing of Projects
  •  Removing Multiple Parameter Values
  •  Adding Experiments in a Flow With Locked Tools
  •  Update to Remove Parameter Value Dialog Box
  •  Background Project Operations
  •  Exporting and Importing Projects
  •  Single Tool Icon for Layout Editor Tools

Sentaurus Calibration Workbench

  •  Overview
  •  Sentaurus Calibration Workbench GUI
  •  XY Profile Targets/Miscellaneous
  •  Sensitivity Analysis
  •  Enhancements to Calibration Strategies
  •  No Support for Projects Based on Sentaurus Workbench Projects With Hierarchical Organization

Optimization Framework

  •  New Sentaurus Workbench DoE Options and API Change
  •  Parallel (Batch) Bayesian Optimization
  •  Additional Method for Problems With Categorical Parameters
  •  New Way to Set Optimization Conditions
  •  Enhancement of Acquisition Functions
  •  Unique Identifier for Optimization Targets
  •  Custom Stopping Criteria

Sentaurus Visual

  •  On-Demand Field Loading for Analysis
  •  Support for +Inf, -Inf, and None in get_variable_data() Command
  •  Extended Support for Custom Buttons Toolbar
  •  The set_curve_prop() Command No Longer Requires plot Option
  •  Improved Variable Parsing in Tcl Mode
  •  Copying and Pasting From Console Applies Formatting
  •  Cutplane Manipulation
  •  New remove_fields Command
  •  Scriptable Plot Lighting
  •  Change to Location of Curve Properties
  •  Multiple-Line Titles in XY Plots
  •  Improved Naming of Cutlines and Cutplanes
  •  Displaying Cut Coordinate in Plot Title
  •  Increased Maximum Resolution for Field Contours
  •  New Settings for 1D and 2D Axis Inversion

Sentaurus Device

  •  Optimization for Resistive Contacts Using Both Resist and DistResist
  •  Additional Plot Features for Saddle Point Analysis in CIS Devices
  •  Carrier Path Plotting
  •  Surface Recombination as an Interface Model
  •  DopingWells in CurrentPlot and Quasistationary Goal Command
  •  Netlist Parsing of Complex Expressions
  •  Better Parsing of Subcircuits Containing F-, H-, W-, and K-Elements

Sentaurus Process, Advanced Calibration for Process Simulation

  •  Surface Noise Reduction Technique for Monte Carlo Implantation
  •  Gaussian Distribution for Beam Divergence Angle in Monte Carlo Implantation
  •  Defining Mask-Based Boxes
  •  Allow to be mask driven 
  •  Mask Option Enabled for 2D Trapezoidal Etch
  •  Improved Calibration of Sentaurus MC for H Implantation Into Silicon: Monte Carlo Model Parameters

Sentaurus Process / Sentaurus Interconnect共通

  •  Applying Interface Refinement to Only One Side
  •  Emulation of Periodic Boundary Condition
  •  Enhancement to Matrix Printing
  •  Mechanics Deformation Scaling and Delooping
  •  Defining Boundary Condition to Top of Bounding Box of Bulk Materials
  •  Adding Intrinsic Stress to Existing Stress Field
  •  Support for Adaptive Meshing in load Command
  •  Enhanced Region-Merging Functionality With mgoals Command
  •  Enhancement to Distributed Load