TetraMAX ATPG II Spotlight

25% Lower Test Cost, Order-of-Magnitude Faster Runtime

Highly optimized, memory-efficient engines generate high-coverage test patterns in hours instead of days. TetraMAX II ATPG delivers order-of-magnitude faster pattern generation and significantly fewer patterns.

Next-generation ATPG: 10X Faster Runtime, 25% Fewer Patterns

TetraMAX® II is Synopsys' next-generation ATPG and diagnostics solution that lets design teams meet their test quality and cost goals with unprecedented speed. It delivers an order of magnitude faster runtime, ensuring patterns are ready when early silicon samples are available for testing. Additionally, TetraMAX II generates 25 percent fewer patterns, allowing IC design teams to shorten the time and lower the cost of testing silicon parts or, depending on design requirements, increase test quality for the same cost.

TetraMAX II uses new test generation and diagnosis engines that are extremely fast, exceedingly memory-efficient, and highly optimized for fine-grained multithreading of ATPG and diagnosis processes across multiple cores. Although it is built on new engines to dramatically improve runtime and pattern count, the rule checking, design and fault modeling infrastructure, and tool interfaces are unchanged for easy, risk-free deployment.

Introduction to TetraMax II

Antun Domic, Executive VP and GM of the Design Group unveils Synopsys' next-generation ATPG and diagnostics solution.

TetraMAX II surpasses previous technologies that are limited by high memory usage, enabling it to achieve 10X faster runtime with 25% fewer patterns.


  • Order of magnitude faster ATPG ensures on-time availability of patterns for testing first silicon samples
  • Significant pattern reduction enables designers to reduce test cost or increase test quality at the same cost
  • Re-use of proven interfaces enables easy, risk-free deployment
  • Certified for ISO 26262 automotive functional safety