Synthesis-Based In-System Self-Test

DFTMAX™ LogicBIST is a synthesis-based solution for in-system self-test of digital integrated circuits used in automotive, medical and aerospace applications. Built into Design Compiler® for concurrent optimization of area, power, timing, physical and test constraints, DFTMAX LogicBIST enables design teams to converge quickly on quality, cost goals, and functional safety requirements set forth by standards such as ISO 26262 for the automotive semiconductor industry.


  • Addresses in-system self-testing requirements, including ISO 26262 functional safety 
  • Predictably achieves target test coverage within given run time, clock frequency, and power constraints 
  • Maximizes designer productivity by utilizing value links across the Synopsys Design Platform 
  • Complements DFTMAX for scan-based manufacturing test 
  • Requires minimal silicon area
Synthesis-based logic BIST flow

Synopsys synthesis-based logic BIST flow