Webinar Series

PrimeTime 2016 Webinars

Synopsys and Arm Experts Review Smart Constraint Management Practices for Efficient Timing Closure

In this Webinar, Synopsys and Arm discuss accelerating timing closure by implementing timing constraint best practices. Arm kicks off the webinar with a comprehensive discussion of the best practices they recommend to their customers, covering areas such as PrimeTime constraint interpretation, clock constraint development and constraint management during the project life-cycle. Synopsys then outlines several constraint analysis techniques in PrimeTime SI that quickly confirm that these best practices are used.

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Reduced-Resource ECO Lowers Memory Usage by 5X

In this webinar, Synopsys discusses how a new PrimeTime ECO technology helps manage compute resource requirements by specifically targeting the parts of the design requiring ECO fixes. This technology has allowed PrimeTime ECO users to reduce the memory required to complete ECO closure by 5X while retaining the gold-standard quality of results expected from PrimeTime.

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PrimeTime 2015 Webinar

Using PrimeTime POCV to Improve Productivity and PPA in FinFET Designs – the NVIDIA Experience

In this webinar, Synopsys introduces the PrimeTime parametric on-chip variation (POCV) technology, which helps reduce design margins in FinFET designs. Learn about NVIDIA’s latest FinFET tapeout experience with PrimeTime POCV technology, and how it improved their productivity, and the power, performance, and area (PPA) of designs with fast and accurate variation modeling throughout the implementation and signoff flow.