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Aeroflex • AMCC • AMD • Arm • Coherent Logix • LSI Corporation • MediaTek
RealTek • Renesas  • STARC • STMicroelectronics • Sunplus • TSMC

”Based on the excellent correlation between predicted power and actual silicon measurement, we are integrating PrimeTime PX into all phases of our design flow so we can leverage the integration between PrimeTime’s power and static timing analysis capabilities to improve our design productivity”.

Steve Griffithprinciple IC design engineer
Aeroflex Inc

“We use PrimeTime SI because it provides our designers with fast, accurate signal integrity signoff analysis that works across a range of technologies and process corners. We need fast turn-around time to keep up with our customers’ time-to-market schedules for high performance, high density, complex processor/SOC devices”

Sumbal Rafiqdirector of engineering 
Applied Micro Circuits Corporation

"We worked closely with Synopsys to achieve significant runtime improvements with PrimeTime over the last several releases. We are encouraged by the initial results of the new PrimeTime multicore feature, and look forward to deploying it to accelerate the STA analysis of our large designs by more fully utilizing the potential of Multi-Core AMD Opteron™ processors in our silicon design process."

Senthil Krishnasamydirector of Physical Design

“Through our collaboration with Synopsys we have developed an optimized reference implementation methodology leveraging the inherent strengths of Synopsys PrimeTime’s timing and SI technology to accelerate design signoff. Combined with Arm Physical IP, this technology enables our partners to reduce their design cycle and accelerate their time-to- volume for Arm processor-based mobile and consumer products.”

Rob AitkenResearch & Development fellow

"The threaded multicore capabilities in PrimeTime significantly reduced our runtimes, and along with the distributed multicore capability enable us to utilize our existing compute resources more efficiently to take advantage of new hardware as our farm grows."

Michael TrocinoIC design manager
Coherent Logix

“PrimeTime is used extensively for timing and signal integrity analysis and signoff at LSI Corporation. The continuous performance improvements in PrimeTime help us maintain our aggressive design schedules which are critical to LSI and our end-customers’ success in the market place.”

Rich Laubhandistinguished engineer

"Synopsys' PrimeTime PX solution provides great visibility into IC power consumption throughout the design implementation process. Our design engineers trust the tool for power signoff because of its high accuracy."

Chao-Cheng Leevice president

"We collaborated with Synopsys early in the development of the Advanced OCV methodology to ensure it was easy to deploy, and have confirmed its signoff accuracy versus both HSPICE Monte-Carlo (or statistical) simulation and actual silicon. The PrimeTime advanced OCV capability is now deployed as a standard part of our timing signoff flows at 65 nanometers and below."

Hitoshi Sugiharadepartment manager of the DFM & Digital EDA Technology Development Dept., Design Technology Div.
Renesas Electronics 

“STARC member companies have a wide range of accuracy, flow and ease-of-adoption requirements when it comes to variation-aware design analysis and signoff. After an extensive evaluation we selected Synopsys' PrimeTime VX solution for its flexibility, comprehensiveness and evolutionary approach to addressing process variation at geometries of 65 nanometers and below.”

Nobuyuki Nishiguchivice president of the Development Department-1

"STMicroelectronics has chosen Synopsys' PrimeTime® solution as the foundation for its golden timing analysis and sign-off methodology. With our continuous collaboration with Synopsys, we expect to quickly deploy all the right timing-analysis techniques to attain greater productivity and keep ST at the forefront of the SoC semiconductor industry."

Philippe Magarshackgroup vice president, Technology R&D 

“As the complexity of our designs has escalated to meet the demands of the rapidly evolving home entertainment markets, Synopsys PrimeTime has proven to be the reliable choice for comprehensive static timing, signal integrity and power analysis in a single tool.”

George ChouCAD director

"Our Integrated Sign-Off flow leverages technology-leading EDA tools such as PrimeTime static timing and SI analysis to provide our customers a faster, proven path to TSMC silicon. This is the flow that we use ourselves for our advanced designs, and make available for our customers as well."

Tom Quandeputy director of Design Methodology and Service Marketing