In-Design Rail Analysis for Place-and-Route Engineers

PrimeRail is the rail analysis technology foundation for IC Compiler In-Design Rail Analysis™. Invoked directly from IC Compiler, In-Design Rail Analysis utilizes embedded PrimeRail analysis and fixing guidance technology to enable designers to easily perform power network verification throughout physical implementation. By identifying and fixing voltage-drop and electromigration issues earlier in the flow, designers can eliminate costly iterations late in the design process. Built on industry gold standard PrimeTime® SI and StarRC™ signoff technologies, PrimeRail offers high-accuracy, full-chip SoC static and dynamic rail analysis to accelerate design closure. 


  • Integrated IC Compiler In-Design Rail Analysis environment
  • Integrated with Synopsys Design Platform
  • Comprehensive dynamic and static rail analysis
  • Full-chip SoC capabilities
PrimeRail IR Drop Map in IC Compiler

IR drop map displayed directly in IC Compiler