Design Compiler NXT

Design Compiler NXT

Next-generation Design Compiler

Innovation in Design Compiler Family

Design Compiler® NXT is the latest innovation in the Design Compiler family of RTL Synthesis products, extending the market-leading synthesis position of Design Compiler Graphical. Design Compiler NXT technology innovations include fast, highly efficient optimization engines, cloud-ready distributed synthesis, a new, highly accurate approach to RC estimation and capabilities required for the process nodes 5nm and below. 

Design Compiler NXT

Design Compiler NXT is the next step in the evolution of the industry-leading Design Compiler family. Continued top performance and enabled for next-generation process nodes, you can depend on improved PPA and greater throughput.

"We are collaborating with Synopsys on the latest synthesis technologies in Design Compiler NXT and are looking forward to deploying them on our designs to help meet our ever-increasing pressure of time-to-market and higher QoR."

Tatsuji Kagatani, Vice President, Renesas

The Next Evolution of Synopsys' Digital Toolset

Faster QoR and Advanced Node Ready


  • 5% better quality of result for timing and dynamic power, through advanced optimizations including concurrent clock and data 
  • Next-generation process node support, including below 5nm
  • Enhanced physical guidance to IC Compiler II, with improved RC and timing correlation
  • 2X faster runtime, with improved multi-threading technology for better scalability on eight cores
  • Cloud-ready distributed processing, using intelligent workload partitioning
  • Common physical library and block abstract models with IC Compiler II, while retaining support for the Milkyway™ library format
  • Plug-n-play, user interface and script compatible with Design Compiler Graphical