Synopsys Webinar: Performance Tuning in the Age of Automation

Compute systems are becoming more complex by the day to keep up with the need for more performance. This complexity is obvious when looking at the ever-increasing stack of software being layered on top of today’s hardware. Each layer of the software stack is configurable, often times with hundreds of available parameters. Finding the right combination of settings that will yield optimal system performance is critical, however with an incredibly large combination of possible configurations to explore it is a task that is simply impossible to complete manually for us humans.

In this Synopsys webinar, we will discuss how this problem can be addressed with the help of automation. First, we will look at the challenges of optimizing complex systems. We will then learn about the SLM Optimizer solution and evaluate the advantages of using a fully automated methodology for performance tuning. 


Listed below are the industry leaders scheduled to speak.

Nozar Nozarian

Product Marketing Manager
Synopsys, Inc.

With over 20 years of experience in EDA, Semiconductor and Technology, Nozar started his career as a software engineer and took on various roles over the years in Applications Engineering, Business Development, and Marketing.  Nozar is the Product Marketing Manager for the Synopsys SLM Optimizer solution.

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