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Synthesis offers advanced optimizations to achieve the best PPA (power, performance, area) on today’s high-performance cores and interconnect designs. However, advanced transformation techniques available in synthesis such as retiming, multi-bit registers, advanced datapath optimizations, etc. are of little value if they cannot be verified through Formal Equivalence Verification (FEV). FEV setup must be rapid and provide out-of-the-box results to avoid becoming a bottleneck on advanced designs.

In this Synopsys webinar, Intel will share how it achieved the best QoR (Quality of Results) with an aggressive frequency target (3-4GHz). Using advanced optimization techniques, such as ungrouping and sequential optimizations, resulted in faster FEV convergence with a significant reduction in verification runtime as opposed to the long setup and runtimes designers face with traditional methods. 

Attendees will walk away with an understanding of how Synopsys Formality Equivalence Checking captures the design transformation/optimizations in Formality Guide Files (SVF) for rapid setup of the verification environment to avoid multiple iterative runs. In addition, ML-driven adaptive distributed verification techniques will be highlighted, which help to partition the design and run solvers in parallel to further accelerate verification runtime and out-of-the-box results.


Listed below are the industry leaders scheduled to speak.

Sidharth Ranjan Panda

Engineering Manager
Intel Corporation

Sidharth Ranjan Panda has 10 years of experience in the VLSI industry. He is responsible for execution and signoff convergence activities for formal equivalence verification, low-power verification, and functional ECO closure for all SoC/IP programs in the Atom DDG/NEX BU at Intel. He is a major contributor to the development of verification tools, flows, and methodologies at Intel. Sidharth holds a master’s degree in EE from the Birla Institute of Technology and Science, Pilani.

Avinash Palepu

Product Marketing Manager, Sr. Staff

Avinash Palepu is the Product Marketing Manager for Formality and Formality ECO products at Synopsys. Starting with Intel as a Design Engineer, he has held various design, AE management, and product marketing roles in the semiconductor design and EDA industries. 

Avinash holds a master’s degree in EE from Arizona State University and a bachelor’s degree from Osmania University.

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