PrimeTime Special Interest Group (SIG) at SNUG Taiwan 2014

The Synopsys PrimeTime SIG is an active community for all PrimeTime users and design engineers who want to stay connected with the latest developments in the field of Static Timing Analysis (STA).

PrimeTime SIG at SNUG Taiwan 2014

A PrimeTime SIG event, Accelerating Timing Closure with Advanced Technologies, was held in Hsinchu, Taiwan, during SNUG Taiwan on September 2, 2014.

Customer speakers from ALi, MediaTek, and TSMC presented their timing analysis and closure experiences with PrimeTime advanced timing technologies. PrimeTime users and managers from top semiconductor companies attended the event.


Yen-Pin Chen


Yen-Pen highlighted the TSMC N16 v1.0 certification process with PrimeTime signoff timing meeting or even exceeding the stringent certification criteria with accurate advanced waveform propagation technology. 

Ken Kao


Ken provided insight into the challenges of growing design sizes in the recent years. He described how the latest PrimeTime releases resulted in 1.5 times faster runtime on four cores year-over-year for the past four years. He also shared how PrimeTime HyperScale further reduced runtime and memory while generating the same accurate timing results as flat analysis. 

ChengKai Huang


ChengKai shared how the PrimeTime advanced ECO technologies accelerated design closure in his recent tapeout. He highlighted how PrimeTime leakage recovery reduced leakage power by 18% on a design with no impact to signoff timing. He also shared how PrimeTime ECO reduced the number of iterations to timing closure in his recent tapeout, accelerating his product's time-to-market. 



Tzong-Maw presented what’s new in PrimeTime. 

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