Synopsys Test SIG Event at ITC 2018

Synopsys 26th Annual Test Special Interest Group (SIG) Event

Over 100 Synopsys customers attended Synopsys’ 26th Annual Test SIG event at the International Test Conference (ITC) 2018, where Test experts from leading companies described their use of the newest capabilities in the comprehensive Synopsys test and yield solution. Presentations, like the one below by Infineon, covered advanced test and functional safety deployed on automotive applications. 

Infineon: A Case Study of Test Point Insertion for Improving Testability of Automotive Designs

At the 2018 Test SIG event, Daniel Tille, DFT Manager at Infineon, discussed his experiences using Synopsys Test tools on automotive designs, with an emphasis on improving test point insertion.


Daniel Tille, DFT Manager, Infineon

Daniel Tille has been with Infineon in Munich for more than 6 years. He is responsible for the DFT architecture of Infineon’s automotive microcontroller family, AURIX, and leads a team of DFT experts. Mr. Tille holds a BA degree in Computer Science and a PhD in Engineering.