ITC 2017 Test SIG Dinner

Synopsys SIG ITC 2017

In the videos below, recorded at the 25th Annual Test SIG Event at ITC 2017, experts from NVIDIA, Dialog and STMicroelectronics describe their successes testing automotive SoCs using the Synopsys Test solution, the preferred test platform for automotive designs.


An Overview of NVIDIA’s Innovations in Automotive and AI

Hear about NVIDIA’s advances in the AI and Automotive  SoC spaces.

Jonathon E. Colburn, NVIDIA

TetraMAX II for Small Mixed-Signal Designs

Learn about Dialogs achievements using TetraMAX II ATPG for small mixed-signal designs.

Hans Martin von Staudt, Dialog

Automotive in-System Self-test

Learn about STMicroelectronics’ recent successful Logic BIST implementation experience.

Marco Casarsa, STMicroelectronics