IC Compiler II Technology Symposium

IC Compiler II  Technology Symposium

High-performance Design Success with IC Compiler II

The IC Compiler II Technology Symposium is over now. Thanks to the 250 place and route experts who gave their time and contributed to this event. A big thank you to our presenters from Broadcom, Intel, Mellanox, Movidius, Samsung, ARM, and TSMC.

Agenda Included:

Arm - High-performance, Energy-efficient ARM® Cortex®-A73 Implementation

Broadcom - Convergent Design Flow at 10nm

Intel - Accelerated Hierarchical Subsystem Implementation

Mellanox - Optimizing QoR for Networking Applications

Movidius - New Silicon Applications in the Era of Machine Intelligence

Samsung - Designing Next-Generation Mobile Application Processors

TSMC - Ecosystem Innovation for 10nm and 7nm Design Enablement

Synopsys - Interactive "Under-the-Hood" Q&A Panel