SNUG 2015: IC Compiler II Customers Share Their Experiences

Accelerating Product to Market with the Power of 10X

In its first year since introduction, IC Compiler II has proven to be a game-changer in physical design, accelerating silicon success for designers of the world's most advanced ICs.

On March 23rd during the 25th annual Synopsys User Group (SNUG) 2015, industry leaders presented to an interested crowd on how 10X faster throughput has transformed the way they think about product development, opening up a world of new opportunities. If you missed it, we’ve provided this video for you.


Haroon Gauhar

Principal Design Engineer

Masakazu Nishibori

Team Lead Backend Design Department

Antun Domic

Executive Vice President & GM Design Group

Jiu-Shang Yang

Technical Manager Design Technology 

Tadahiko Yamamoto

Chief Specialist Implementation Methodology Development