Arm TechCon 2016: HiSilicon Collaboration

Achieving Maximum Megahertz per Milliwatt on the Arm Cortex-A73 Processor Using Galaxy Design Platform

View this video from the Synopsys Galaxy session at Arm TechCon 2016 to see an overview of the Arm, Synopsys and HiSilicon partnership and its recent successes. You will learn how we’re working together to enable technologies in the Galaxy Platform that allow customers like HiSilicon to realize maximum GHz/mW on their leading-edge designs. In addition, HiSilicon discusses their successful application of the Galaxy high-performance flow in the tapeout of ARM’s latest processor, Arm® Cortex®- A73, in TSMC’s 16nm FinFET Plus process technology.


Yanhua (Bruce) Li
Senior Applications Consultant, Synopsys
Bruce joined Synopsys in 2010 and has successfully deployed Synopsys implementation flows at multiple customers. As a key member of the HiSilicon/Synopsys partnership team, he has contributed greatly to the successful deployment of IC Compiler I and II across 28/16/10 and 7nm process nodes. Bruce is currently focused on IC Compiler II deployment and emerging node applications. Bruce has a Master’s degree in Microelectronics from Beijing University of Technology. 

Lianghong (Alex) Tan

SoC Engineer, HiSilicon Technologies
Alex is an experienced SoC engineer in the COT department of HiSilicon Technologies. During his four years at HiSilicon, Alex has been responsible for numerous successful ARM processor tapeouts across multiple process nodes. Alex’s current focus is on delivering competitive, hardened ARM cores to address the growing challenges associated with small form factor and high-performance mobile devices. Alex has a Master’s degree in Integrated Chip from South China University of Technology.