Design Tracker

The Lynx Design System provides designers and managers with 'on-demand' access to many design and system metrics. Flow metrics can be design related, task related or process related and can be easily extended to include user-defined metrics based on the task being executed. Users can create status and trend reports such as quality-of-results (QoR) and resource-related project metrics. Metrics can be automatically captured during flow execution and stored for customized reporting capability.

The powerful visualization capabilities in Design Tracker converts a simple CSV-like text file called a “Lynx DT” file into tables (with colorization and hyperlinks to source data), plots and bar graphs like those shown in the figures below. Design Tracker includes sample report generation scripts for the RTL-to-GDSII flow. Customized scripts can be easily created to parse important information from logs and reports, write the information in Lynx DT format, and view the output with Design Tracker.

In addition to Lynx DT files, Design Tracker provides an interface for sharing any web-viewable content securely among project members, including hand-generated HTML, text files, images (PNG, JPG and GIF) and PDFs.

Analyze Bottlenecks

Report of time spent at each design step facilitates analysis of design bottlenecks

Instant Dashboard Snapshot

Instant "Dashboard" snapshot of the most important design metrics

Analyzed Timing Trends

WNS and TNS trend across design flow steps

Track Design Trends

Track design trends over time

Design Tracker also includes a “QoR Viewer” that gives designers immediate access to design and flow metrics as interactive reports from the Runtime Manager, enabling data-driven and faster decisions. Through these interactive reports, designers can analyze design metrics ranging from runtime and tool memory usage for each tool and task in a flow, multi-corner multi-mode (MCMM) timing and power data for each timing path in the design. All reports can be plotted as line or bar graphs and dashboards with coloring rules. These reports can be exported as images or comma-separated values (CSV) files for post-processing.

Integrated Metrics

Immediate access to design and flow metrics

The QoR viewer accelerates collaboration between designers with features that enable designers to compare current runs against previous experiments or experiments performed by other members of the project team. Designers can share their report setups as specification files that can be used by others.

The QoR Viewer is architected to be extensible and customizable. Designers, design teams and CAD organizations can modify the content and format of existing reports and create their own reports that show data of interest for a specific task or project.