Design Tracker

Design Tracker is a customizable reporting solution that provides designers and managers on-demand access to critical design and project information. Design Tracker is comprised of two applications: DT-Shell and DT-Web. DT-Shell is targeted towards individual users reporting on local flow results. DT-Web is targeted towards teams that wish to share reports across a broader audience.

Both applications support viewing of HTML, image, text, and DT-formatted reports. The DT format is a simple CSV-like format that supports interactive tables, bar charts, pie charts, and scatter plots.

Example scripts, in both Python and Tcl, are provided to create reports from R2G flow results.  Users can easily add their own custom scripts (and associated reports) to the system.  Scripts can be executed in standalone fashion or from within the DT applications.

The flexible nature of Design Tracker allows adaptation to any project data management and/or workflow, which enables implementation of company-specific project status solutions.

Analyze Bottlenecks

Report of time spent at each design step facilitates analysis of design bottlenecks

Instant Dashboard Snapshot

Instant "Dashboard" snapshot of the most important design metrics

Analyzed Timing Trends

WNS and TNS trend across design flow steps

Track Design Trends

Track design trends over time