Visit Synopsys at booth #13 at the International Reliability Physics Symposium (IRPS) conference and learn about our reliability solutions for in-design, in-ramp, in-production through in-field devices. Mission-critical IC applications such as automotive, space, and medical industries demand the highest standards for safety and reliability.  This demand requires a holistic and cohesive approach to reliability through each stage of a design. Synopsys provide solutions that address robustness and reliability challenges including self heating, electromigration, from transistor level through to chip and system development.

  • Our unique and pioneering technology in the area of Silicon Lifecycle Management (SLM) offers the ability to monitor and analyze a device throughout its complete lifecycle with our intelligently embedded monitors which collect a rich data set that feeds analytical engines to enable optimizations at every stage in each device’s lifecycle.
  • Synopsys PrimeSim™ Reliability Analysis solution unifies production proven and foundry-certified reliability analysis technologies covering electromigration/IR drop analysis, design robustness, MOS aging, analog fault simulation, and circuit checks (ERC) to enable full-lifecycle reliability verification.
  • Synopsys TestMAX™ XLBIST delivers a solution for in-system self-test of digital designs and is the industry’s first X-tolerant architecture that eliminates all Xs in a design. The result is smaller impact on test costs and faster time to market.

Our solutions provide insights at every phase of the device lifecycle to improve device resilience and reliability.



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