Why Attend?

The Applied Superconductivity Conference is the premier international conference on applied superconductivity, to report, discuss and contemplate important and timely technical advances in science and engineering. Synopsys is excited to participate with several presentations and posters at the technical conference and a booth in the exhibition hall. 

Who Should Attend?

Anyone interested in developments of applied superconductivity in the electronics, large scale, and materials fields. The conference provides a unique opportunity for the Quantum Information community to present their latest results in quantum computing, communication and sensing that involve the use of superconductors in any part of the Quantum System. 

Synopsys Presentations

  • The Synopsys SuperTools Program
  • HSPICE:  Observations in use of a Tunnel Junction Model in Simulation of Josephson Single Flux Quantum Digital Circuits
  • MYSTIC: MYSTIC: An Advanced Statistical Compact Model (SCM) extraction and optimization tool enhanced for Superconducting Electronics Design  
  • Synopsys Partner HYPRES: 50 GHz Operation of RSFQ Arithmetic Logic Unit Designed using the Advanced Design Flow and the Dual RSFQ/ERSFQ Cell Library  
  • Synopsys Partner YNU: A full-custom design flow and a top-down RTL-to-GDS flow for adiabatic quantum-flux-parametron logic using a commercial EDA design suite
  • Synopsys Partner Rochester: All-JJ Logic Circuits Based on Bistable JJs  

Synopsys Poster Sessions

  • Fusion Compiler: An RTL-to-GDSII Flow for Single Flux Quantum Circuits Based on an Industrial EDA Toolchain    
  • HSPICE: Variation Aware Optimization vs Classical Margin Optimization of Superconducting Electronics
  • STAR: Interconnect Analysis of Super Conducting Circuits 
  • IC Validator: An Advanced Physical Design and Verification Tool Suite for VLSI Superconducting Electronics Design   
  • Custom Compiler: An Advanced Design Environment for Full Custom Superconducting Electronics Design 
  • Sentaurus TCAD: Quantum transport simulation study of ultra-scaled Josephson junctions for digital superconducting circuits 
  • Synopsys Partner HYPRES: Demonstration of a hybrid superconductor logic computation system using single flux quantum and adiabatic quantum-flux-parametron logic families 
  • Synopsys Partner HYPRES: Serial biasing technique for electronic design automation in RSFQ circuit
  • Synopsys Partner YNU: Demonstration of Interface Circuits for Adiabatic Quantum-Flux-Parametron Cell Library Using an Eight-Metal Layer Superconductor Process
  • Synopsys Partner Rochester: Stripline Topologies for Flux Mitigation
  • Synopsys Partner Rochester: Verilog-A Model of SFS Bistable JJs
  • Synopsys Partner Rochester: Interface Circuits

Synopsys Booth

Attendees are invited to visit the Synopsys booth to view the latest innovative technologies and chat with Synopsys experts live! 

Booth topics include:

  • Demonstrations of Synopsys Tools, including a full flow for superconducting electronics design
  • Representatives from Synopsys Partners HYPRES, YNU and Rochester will be present to discuss their program work