MPSoC Design Contest

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MPSoC Design Contest - Postponed

The 20th annual MPSoC Forum in Les Fermes De Marie/Megeve, France has been postponed to June 20 - 25, 2021.

Design submissions will be accepted starting in March 2021. 

The MPSoC 2018 winning design was DART by DART is cloud-based software that aims to detect retina diseases in digital images using artificial intelligence to prevent them in early stages. researches, develops, and deploys machine-learning-based solutions as a low cost diagnosis aid, especially for developing countries and their troubled health systems. This is allowing an increase in these systems' preventive coverage to tackle the most common cause of blindness in the working-age population, with several other projects in the pipeline, including pneumonia detection in chest x-ray, breast cancer in mammography, among others.

"Being at the MPSoC Forum gave us the opportunity to interact with technology leaders and learn how industries and academies of developed countries work together to collaboratively develop state-of-the-art  technologies, from the most technical to the highest level.”  - Jose Tomas Arenas,, Chile, MPSoC 2018 design contest winner.

Contest Rules

  • Entries are restricted to established companies and independent designers in Latin America. Entries by Universities will not be accepted.
  • Projects must focus on MPSoCs and can be related to hardware development, software development or both.
  • Completed projects and those still under development will be accepted.
  • Companies may submit multiple projects.
  • Submissions must be in English.
  • Submissions will be accepted from March 15 through April 30 and results will be published by May 14. The winner will be notified by email.
  • The Jury of the contest will be composed of the following industry and academic experts:
    • Charly Janac - Arteris
    • Ahmed Jerraya - CEA 
    • Nicolas Ventroux, CEA-LIST
    • Frederic Petrot, TIMA-G-INP
    • Masaaki Kondo, University of Electro-Communications
    • Jishen Zhao, University of California San Diego
    • Victor Grimblatt - Synopsys
    • Yankin Tanurhan - Synopsys
    • Kees Vissers - Xilinx 
  • One member of the winning company will be invited to present the project/product at MPSoC 2021 in Megeve, France. The reward includes an airline ticket, lodging, and conference participation fees. Any additional expense, including the participation of other members of the company in the congress, will be paid by the winner.
  • Synopsys and the MPSoC organizers reserve the right to declare no winner if none of the entries meet the criteria.

Please read the rules above and if you agree with them proceed to submitting your project.

Submission of project

Please read the rules above and if you agree with them proceed to submitting your project.


If you have questions, please contact: